Mental Health

Urgent Mental Help


Neela Ghatnekar, DDS

Anaheim Hills, CA

(714) 921-9252

Robert Swenson, DDS

Tustin, CA

(714) 730-5600


Patrick Kha Lee, DMD

Orange, CA

(714) 771-0181

Jasleen Brar, DDS

Tustin, CA

(714) 731-5656

Too Fatigued to

Drive Home???

Dental Health

Call a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft!!!

The trip from the hospital and back to your car are reimbersed by the GME, if submitted within 60 days.

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Dr. Kim, Dr. Park, and Dr. Calleros

Ph: 949-258-3741

Charlie Hsieh, DDS

Orange, CA

(714) 771-0181

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